Community Connection Ideas

*Invite visitors in who have knowledge about Pakistan and Afghanistan.

*Write newspaper articles for your local newspaper discussing the work your students have done.

*Write letters to your parents letting them know what work your students are involved in.

*Hold a community dinner that showcases student work and raises money for the Central Asia Institute.

*Read Listen to the Wind, a picture book version of Three Cups of Tea to younger children and engage them in a schoolwide effort.

*Put penny jars in local stores with an explanation of what your school is doing.

*Ask your local bookstore to sell copies of Mortenson's books at your school--our bookstore let us sell them for full price, but gave us a 20% discount and donated the money to our cause.

*Invite your senators and congress members to come and celebrate your student work.

*Invite parents to come in for educational sessions--encourage children to teach their parents what they have learned.