*Find Pakistani music and teach it to your students
    *Study the difference in chord steps between Pakistani music and western music.
    *Study Pakistani and Afghani instruments.
    *Invite a world musician in to perform songs from this region.

    *Study the designs on Pakistani buses and have students imitate designs through artwork.
    *Study the tiles used in Afghani and Pakistani architecture and have students imitate the designs in their artwork.
    *Study the purposes and patterns used in henna designs and have students imitate them on their hands or on paper.

    *Have students create pages that are linked to the school website that educate the public about Pakistan & Afghanistan
    *Have students create "wordles" at that pick up on the major themes found in the novel.
    *Have students contribute to a school created and sanctioned blog after each reading.
    *Have students maintain a website that follows them through the process of learning about Pakistan and Afghanistan.