About Me

I have been teaching grades 6-8 Language Arts at a small, rural school in New Hampshire since 2001.  It is my strong belief that students deserve relevant education that connects them to their greater communities.  When students are immersed in their culture and community they understand themselves better and give back to their communities more.

I undertook this journey with my students because I was battling my own prejudices.  My sister had recently converted to Islam and I felt as though oppression was part of her interpretation.  Out of the need to battle my own misperceptions came the desire to share this learning with my students.  What is portrayed on the media is not balanced or necessarily real.  Students need to know this.

In 2011 I was named New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.  I am excited to spend this year encouraging teachers to step outside of their classrooms and invite their communities and colleagues in.

You can follow my NHTOY adventures at nhtoy.blogspot.org.